I consider myself lucky to have grown up playing trombone in the brass band of the Staffordshire County Music Services.  This allowed me to play with some fantastic young musicians and gain a competence that has allowed me to play into adulthood in various amateur groups; mainly brass bands, but also orchestras, jazz bands, and pit orchestras
I am not a professional musician, but music has been an incredibly important part of my life.  It has enabled me to participate in groups wherever I have been.  I have made my lifelong friends, and even met my wife in a brass band.
I strongly believe that all children should be exposed to, and have the chance to experience music making in as many different forms as they can.  Music is a universal language that has the power to teach so many different skills: listening, expression, confidence building, team work.  But most of all music brings a joy that will be a lifelong constant.
The children of the Derbyshire Dales are lucky to have Wirksworth Music Centre to give them this opportunity and I am only too happy to help in anyway that I can.