Meet the Team

The sessions are run by professional musicians and directors.

The team of trustees deals with finances and fundraising activities and together with the professionals, ensures that all the necessary criteria and policies covering Safeguarding, Data Protection, Health and Safety, and Privacy, are met and maintained, all according to the Constitution and government guidelines.

The Centre relies on the steadfast and loyal volunteers and staff, without whom the smooth running of the centre just could not happen!

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a woman with long grey hair, wearing a red top, glasses and a necklace
Jenny Acons
a white woman with blond hair, earrings and a black top
Rusty Ahearne
A man with short hair and a beard, wearing glasses and a blue jumper
Gabriel Babenko
A woman with short dark hair, wearing a dark top
Colleen Bisset
a woman with short auburn hair wearing a light pink shirt
Denise Boddy
a man with short dark hair, wearing glasses and a black gilet
Dave Collis
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Christopher Dixon
A man with short dark hair wearing a blue striped shirt
Mathias Graf
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Paul Hunter
A woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a black polo neck and green cardigan
Sally Lomas
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Ranald Macdonald
a man with short dark hair, wearing a blue stripy rugby shirt
John Parsons
A man with short hair and glasses wearing an outdoor jacket
Andy Reeves
a white man with glasses and a beard wearing a peaked cap and holding a clarinet
Nick Stacey
A white woman with long brown hair and glasses, wearing a colourful dress
Rachael Whawell
a woman with shoulder length blond hair wearing a blue jacket
Rachel Wilkes

Interested in joining?

We are always welcoming new members to our groups. If your child is interested in joining us, please get in touch.